If you are like me, kids toys are a blessing and a curse! If the toy can bring hours of fun and entertainment I am all for it! But all the extra toys laying around tends to make me a little batty.


So here are some of our favorites right now! Including books we love and think you will too! Enjoy!

Untitled design (63).png

By far the most played with toy in our house!

Wheat Field
The Tuttle Twins

This series of books are fantastic! I even learn something new with each book!

Untitled design (50).png
Swim Trainer

This inflatable is perfect for your little swimmer! All 3 of our kids have used this!

Grass and Flowers
Best Baby Shoes

These are the best starter shoes for babies and toddlers.

Untitled design (63).png
Dex's Pick

Dex's Favorite Nerf Gun. Definitely the easiest to use.

Untitled design (54).png
Wooden Shapes

These are great to create designs and puzzles

Untitled design (29).png
Bear Books

These are great books for all of my kids! We love Bear and his friends!

White Flowers
Splash Pad

This has been a favorite this summer! All 3 kids play in this together.

Untitled design (60).png
Bella's Pick

These flippers help this fish swim super fast! She has the teal.

Untitled design (54).png
Violet's Pick

Miss V loves her baby dolls right now! These are so soft!

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