Hello love and welcome to The Hair Haven Salon, where YOU busy momma come to relax, refresh and feel renewed! Proudly serving the Lodi community and many surrounding areas.

I have a soft spot for mommas of all ages and their families! Especially since I saw a huge gap in serving women with families in the traditional salon atmosphere, and I knew I had to fill that gap!


I saw myself becoming one of those women who didn’t have time to take care of themselves because I was too busy taking care of everyone and everything else! So one of my passions is to help empower women to take off their superwoman cape for a few hours and have their cup refilled. Because we can’t be our best selves for those we love most if we are running on empty!


I specialize in fine hair and helping women cover up those sparkles that pop up as we age. I am passionate the health of your hair along with your mental wellbeing! Unlike may salons, I truly believe we are team and I will work WITH you on your hair goals and dreams. I have been in the industry since 2003 and I am always learning and growing to create the best experience for you!

When I am not in the salon you can find me running around with kiddos, with a good book in my hands, or in the summer, on the lake boating with family and friends. I truly enjoy living in a small town where I know at least one person when I go to the grocery store or down to the ice rink in the winter. If you ever see me out you will be welcomed with a warm smile and hello. 

So if this sounds like the kind of place you could feel at home at, I invite you to take a peak at my work and book your next appointment right away!

You deserve to feel amazing again!!

See you soon!

Sadie Coons, Owner and Momma of 3