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Hello love and welcome to The Hair Haven Salon, where YOU busy momma come to relax, refresh and feel renewed!

I am a full service salon in Lodi, Wisconsin and I specialize in healthy hair and the promotion of self care! I create customized colors and haircuts with your wants and needs in mind. I have been in the industry since 2003 and I am always learning and growing to create the best experience for you!

I have a soft spot for mommas of all ages and their families! Especially since I saw a huge gap in service in the traditional salon atmosphere, and I knew I had to fill that gap! I saw myself becoming one of those women who didn’t have time to take care of themselves because I was too busy taking care of everyone and everything else! So one of my passions is to help empower women to take off their superwoman cape for a few hours and have their cup refilled. Because we can’t be our best selves for those we love most if we are running on empty!

So let’s be honest, how comfortable do you feel bringing your kiddo to the salon?? Or maybe you just quit going because you couldn’t find the time.  Or maybe, you are a busy stay at home mom and don’t want to bring your kids with because you are worried about what others might think. No worries, I got you! Bring the kiddos to play in my full play area while you relax and chat with me!

Or maybe you are a hard working mom by day and soccer mom by night with your butt in the bleachers on the weekends. I have you! It might sound crazy but I start at 6am just for you! I would love to help you feel special and confident once again!

Neither of those sound like you? Maybe you are the young at heart grandma that has raised her kids but still can’t figure out how to take care of you. I got you too! You deserve to enjoy and pamper yourself again and I am here to help you do just that!

So take a peak at my work and book your next appointment right away!

You deserve to feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed!!

See you soon!

Sadie Coons, Owner and Momma of 3