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Welcome Love!

I am so excited you are here and I would love to welcome you to The Hair Haven Salon! My guess is you are wondering what you can expect on your first visit with me. So let me walk you through how relaxing it will be.

The Hair Haven Salon is a full service salon in my home.


So when you arrive park in our large parking area

-come in though the side garage door

-and then down the stairs into the salon.


Once you enter, you won't even think you are in a house but in a relaxing salon atmosphere!


-You will be welcomed with a big smile and a friendly hello.


-I will offer you a beverage and a snack, because I am a true midwestern gal who loves to feed you!


-Also feel free to tell Alexa what type of music you would like to listen to or just enjoy what is already on.


This appointment is all about you!

-When you sit in my chair I am going to walk you through a full consultation so that we are both on the same page on your hair goals.


-I will ask you about products you use

-what services you have had done in the past

-what you love and what you hate about your hair currently

-and your goals for the day.


-I will also recommend products throughout your visit to use to maintain the health and longevity of your hair services.


I am passionate about healthy hair and realistic results, so I will always be honest with you about what is and isn't possible at each visit.


If an end result can not be accomplished in one sitting, we will make a plan to make it happen in the future and maintain the integrity of your hair.

Once I get to work creating your custom color and cut, we will have fantastic conversation and I will get to know you better!


Always feel free to ask as many questions as you want and I will always do my best to answer them honestly. 


When we are all finished, I will walk you through what products I recommend for you and put them on my desk.


At this time feel free to grab any of the products you would like, and leave the ones you don't. I will just put them back after you leave. 

I really look forward to meeting you and pampering you for a few hours! Thank you for trusting me with your hair and your time! 

See you soon!

Sadie Coons

Sara, IT at AmFam

Love my Sadie at The Hair Haven Salon! She makes me look good!


Casey, Assistant Director at WI AG Experiment Station

Sadie you are amazing! You nailed it agian!



Sadie is the type of stylist you can say "do whatever you want" and it turns out amazing! I love that I can have that kind of trust in her and I can tell her what I want and she will make it happen! 100% recommend!

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